There are many sorting algorithms which have been designed so far by many researchers. These all differ in their processing for sorting the elements given.

These sorting algorithms differ in terms of time and space complexity.

The complexity measure are a good option to select the sorting algorithm.

The ease…

Presentation may be from CEO to the members of the board, from a teacher to a class, from a manager to his team, from a student to a teacher, from a politician in election campaign and from a student to his/her instructor for a particular topic. It is the very…

Decision Tree

It is a kind of supervised machine learning algorithm. It has a tree structure with a root node and many leaf nodes. Every node represents a feature and the links between the nodes represent the decision. Every leaf node represents a result or classification or solution.

A decision…

Consider the classification problem for car with attributes Color, Type, Model. The target is to check whether the car needs repair or not based on given examples.

Suppose we are to classify whether a new Red Sports car from Tata will need repair or not from the given examples:



When we talk about interpersonal relationships, there are three aspects:
1. Cognition(way to think)
2. Perception(way to analyze and evaluate)
3. Action(way to react)

Skill sets required are:
1. Life skills- Power to develop a perfect life-work balance
2. Social skills- Dealing with other people, resolve a conflict
3. Personal…

Why is it important to be good for public speaking? This is required for growing our network with people in our professional domain. We also need good public speaking skills when we meet people and want to share our ideas and get inputs from them.

There are many SPEAKER COACHES

According to Neuroscience of happiness, there are 4 substances released in brain that control happiness:

D- Dopamine : This is released as rewards of goal attainment

O -Oxytocin : It is the cuddle hormone released by social connections and intimacy like hugging, handshake etc.

S- Serotonin : It is released…

STRESS: Someone Trying to Repair Every Situation Solo

One of the basic causes of stress is “Irrational thinking” which can be defined as :

1. All- or- nothing thinking (Either wanting everything in life or thinking that one has nothing in life; by always comparing with others and criticising oneself)

Positive Thinking: A Monk’s View

A good book is a good companion of a person. In this lockdown, I got a chance to read the book “Think Like a Monk” written by “Jay Shetty”. The book is a journey of the author when he joined an ashram for becoming a…

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